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Quiero decir, fue en el metro con una prostituta de lujo ,. I mean, I was in a subway with a high-priced call girl Pero con una prostituta de lujo , mejor dicho. Nice girls, especially , don't! But like a high-class escort , if you like.

I asked him about you, and since he really wanted his liaisons with a call girl kept gave up your super-secret phone number, which I'm told is very hard to come by. Una prostituta de lujo alargando sus 15 minutos A call girl stretching her 15 minutes To 20 or? Ya sabes, hablamos de mucho dinero. You know, when you're talking about that much money, 10 grand for a call girl is like deciding. Una prostituta de lujo. Call girl of the high-end variety. Pareces una prostituta de lujo.

Estimates indicated that many prostitutes referred to psychologists would also need other types of support to leave the prostitution environment. While condoms are reportedly available in over 90 per cent of brothels, many prostitutes are not in a position to insist on their use.

In addition, the social reality in which many prostitutes find themselves can result in a social and psychological situation in which it is questionable whether they are really able to freely and autonomously decide whether they want to pursue this form of employment or not. He agreed that prostitution was a major problem facing Uzbekistan; many prostitutes from Uzbekistan found work in neighbouring countries and many women arrived from other countries for the same reason.

Muchas prostitutas fueron abusadas en su niñez. Many prostitutes suffered abuse in their childhood. Muchas prostitutas abusan de las drogas o son toxicómanas, y tienen una ínfima autoestima. Many prostitutes abuse or are addicted to drugs and they suffer from exceedingly low self-esteem. The social stigma which attaches to the vocation of prostitution isolates many women from their families and friends, a particularly tragic irony since many prostitutes are working in order to support their parents and children.

I know a lot of working girls operate out of the siren. En mi barrio había muchas prostitutas. I come from a neighborhood with a lot of prostitutes. Spanish bagasa barragana buscona cortesana cualquiera fulana gamberra gato giro golfa grofa hetaira meretriz milonga milonguera.

Ejemplos de uso Ejemplos de uso para "prostitutas" en inglés Estos enunciados provienen de fuentes externas y pueden ser poco precisos. Spanish Miles de jóvenes trabajan como prostitutas en los Estados miembros de la UE. Spanish Los datos en Estonia indican que dos tercios de las prostitutas han pensado en suicidarse.

Spanish Esas bandas suelen engañar a mujeres jóvenes, en su mayoría, y después las obligan a trabajar como prostitutas.

Spanish Los clientes de las prostitutas no compran servicios, sino que se aprovechan de los cuerpos de otras personas.

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Leslie said lots of prostitutes are lesbians. This includes help for child prostitutes. Subtítulos para películas y series. Es asistente social de muchas prostitutas y chicas de alterne. She feared that many prostitutes from her own country, Algeria, would be doubly victimized by expulsion if they refused to testify. Subtítulos para películas y series. Muchas prostitutas fueron abusadas en su niñez. Ver ejemplos para la traducción escort 2 ejemplos coincidentes. Nice girls, especiallydon't! But like a high-class escortif you like. Spanish Una vez en el Reino Unido, se les obligó a trabajar como prostitutas a razón de seis a siete días por semana, 12 horas diarias. En mi barrio había muchas prostitutas. prostitutas en ingles apps prostitutas

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